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Fran Williams, the lovely lady behind Lily Ellen Vintage

In this, our second ‘Meet the Artisan’ blogs, I would like to introduce you to Fran Wiliams, the slightly eccentric, a little quirky, but very lovely and talented lady behind Lily Ellen Vintage, the Business responsible for bringing a piece of soft furnishing heaven to HOMEMADE at The Barn

Fran, tell me about Lily Ellen Vintage….

Hello I’m Fran from Lily Ellen Vintage and you can find me upstairs at HOMEMADE at The Barn.

I have always made my own soft furnishings and have been sewing since I was a little girl, I just love making things, but I especially love making home furnishings.

I have three adorable dogs, a fluffy black cat, a pretty cool husband and a very talented daughter Ellen, who paints, draws and even has her own Youtube channel.

I started Lily Ellen Vintage when my daughter was at school. Like most Artisans I started making home furnishings for myself, my friends and the parents I met at the School gate, the demand for my makes just kept growing and growing really quickly and very soon after I was selling my makes to the general public that's when Lily Ellen Vintage was launched.

I love the independence of having my own Business, I can create and expand my skills in any direction I want. I find it very satisfying to bring a piece of fabric to life and make it into something really special for someone.

One of my most interesting customers was the Duke & Duchess of Chatsworth, they had asked me to make seven rather fabulous hot water bottle covers for their special guests, which were due to be staying with them, I don't wish to name drop, but a certain future Kings toes did snuggle up on one of my handmade creations, and loved it.

And while we are on the subject of not name dropping, two of my quilts can be found at Dick and Angel Strawbrige’s Chateau De La Motte Husson in France, which some of you may know from the TV series Escape to the Chateau.

I came across HOMEMADE through a friend almost 2 years ago now. I took one look at The Barn and fell in love with the place, I am such a big fan of vintage, the 1940’s is one of my most favourite eras.

I love being part of the team of Artisans who sell their wonderful things there, and the future is looking so exciting too, with lots of new and talented Artisans joining us. There is always something new to see at HOMEMADE at The Barn, I love it.

I am about to expand my home furnishings portfolio and enter the world of interior design, its a completely new adventure for me and I am very excited about it.

My first project is a 16th Century School House which I have been commissioned to do the interior design for, from the Attic to the Cellar,

Its a big project to start with, but I like a challenge, how could I resist the opportunity, it means I also get to surround myself with sumptuous fabrics, I will be in my own little heaven.

I will still be selling my soft furnishing at HOMEMADE at The Barn of course, pop in and take a look at the array of cushions, tea towel, handmade wreaths, wonderful quilts and the other items I have there, who knows you might even bump into a certain someone looking for more of my hot water bottle covers for their friends!

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